Family Tree Nelisse


364. Jan Nelisse

Marine man
Corpus found in the harbour of the Develsluis

628. Maatje Nelisse

Recognition by marriage

637. Aagje Clasina Nelissen

Born as Aagje Clasina Verboom. Recognition on 22 feb1905

638. Adriana Nelissen

Born as Adriana Verboom. Recognition on 22 feb 1905

640. Jan Nelissen

Born as Jan Verboom. Recognition on 22 feb 1905.

641. Geertje Nelissen

Born as Geertje Verboom. Recognition on 22 feb 1905.
Divorced 26 sep 1919 at Rotterdam

372. Agatha Johanna Nelisse

Labourer (Arbeidster); Servant (Dienstmeid)

Willem Wagemaker

Labourer (Arbeider)

373. Janna Pieternella Nelisse

Labourer (Arbeider)

Lauwrens Quist

Agricultural Labourer (Veldarbeider)
Also named Lauwrens

376. Jan Nelisse

Emigration to USA on 3 oct 1872; naturalisation on 7 Feb 1882

377. Abraham Nelisse

Barge-hand(Schippersknecht); Labourer (Arbeider)

Maria Kempeneers

Labourer (Arbeidster)

655. Maria Johanna Nelisse

Servant (Dienstbode)
Departed to 's-Gravenhage on 15 July 1903 with 1 child

Cornelis van der Jagt

Agricultural labourer (Veldarbeider)
Widower of Aaltje Jannetje van Hemert

658. Johanna Pieternella Nelisse

Departed to 's-Gravenhage on 17 Dec 1904

660. Abraham Nelisse

Departed to Rotterdam - Overschie on 14 sep 1929
Agricultural labourer

661. Pieter Nelisse

Agricultural labourer
Departed to 's-Gravenhage on 17 Aug 1919
Moved to USA abt 1921

662. Laurens Nelisse

Agricuktural labourer

400. Leendert Nelisse

Moved to Middelharnis with wife and brother Johannes on 26-10-1934

665. Jannetje Maria Nelisse

Moved to Ouddorp on 2-10-1928

667. Klaasje Nelisse

Moved to Giessendam on 18-1-1933

Willem Drooger

Emigrated to Australia on 1 May 1951

671. Trijntje Elisabeth Nelisse

1934 moved to Middelharnis

405. Adrianus Nelisse

Gone to Dirksland on 14-5-1919