Family Tree Nelisse


1. Jan Nelis

Name also written as: Jan Nels or Jan Nells
Soldier (soldaat) in the Compagnie of Nicolaas van Vrijberghe [1667-1684]
Later "Schutter" or "Schotter" for Martinus Gaeswijck Penning in Poortvliet
He was a lessee of land in "Burgemet" [1697] and was the owner of different houses in Poortvliet, on the north side of the churchyard [1697/98], the south side of the "Wingaertstraat"[1700] and the south side of the "Langestraat"[till 1714]

Susanna Cornelisse Quackelvanger

Name also written as: Susanna Quackels; Susanna Cornelisse Quackel; Susanna Kwakkelvanger

4. Maatje Janse Nelis

Also written as Maetje Jans Nelis

6. Neeltje Janse Nelis

Also written as Neeltien Janssen Nelis
Witness by the christening of Cornelis Stevens (Nelisse)