Books on computers

Basisboek Cd's branden met Nero
Addo Stuur
2003 Visual Steps
ISBN 9059053222
C++ Primer
Stanley B. Lippman
1991 Addison Wesley
ISBN 0201548488
1994 Hanser
ISBN 3446175962
Design Patterns, Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
Erich Gamma
1995 Addison-Wesley
ISBN 0201633612
HTML and CSS, The Good Parts
Ben Henick
2010 O'Reilly
ISBN 9780596157609
Inside Visual C++, Version 4, 3rd Edition
David Kruglinski
1996 Microsoft Press
ISBN 1556158912
Inside Visual C++, Version 5.0, 4th Edition
David Kruglinski
1997 Microsoft Press
ISBN 1572315652
Inside Microsoft Windows CE
John Murray
1998 Microsoft Press
ISBN 1572318546
Inside Windows NT
Helen Custer
1993 Microsoft Press
ISBN 155615481X
Inside Windows 2000, Third Edition
David A. Solomon
2000 Microsoft Press
ISBN 0735610215
Java in a nutshell, Fourth Edition
David Flanagan
2002 O'Reilly
ISBN 0596002831
Java Network Programming, Second Edition
Elliotte Harold
2000 O'Reilly
ISBN 1565928709
Java Swing, Second Edition
Marc Loy
2003 O'Reilly
ISBN 0696004087
Learning Java, 3rd Edition
Patrick Niemeyer
2005 O'Reilly
ISBN 0596008732
Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition
Alessandro Rubini
2001 O'Reilly
ISBN 0596000081
Linux for Embedded and Real-time Applications
Doug Abbott
2003 Newnes
ISBN 0750675462
Machinetaal voor de ZX Spectrum
William Tang
1984 Kluwer Technische Boeken
ISBN 9020117203
MicroC/OS-II The Real Time Kernel
Jean J. Labrosse
1999 R&D Books
ISBN 0879305436
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation Resource Kit
1996 Microsoft Press
ISBN 1572313439
Nucleo Boards Programming with the STM32CubeIDE
Dogan Ibrahim
2021 Elektor
ISBN 9783895764165
Object Oriented Software Construction, second edition
Bertrand Meyer
1997 Prentice Hall
ISBN 0136291554
PC Intern
Michael Tischer
1996 Abacus
ISBN 1557553041
Python Cookbook
David Beazley
2013 O'Reilly
ISBN 9781449340377
Python in a Nutshell
Alex Martelli
2017 O'Reilly
ISBN 9781449392925
Python Pocket Reference
Mark Lutz
2015 O'Reilly
ISBN 9781449357016
Programming Microsoft Visual C++, Fifth Edition
David J. Kruglinski
1998 Microsoft Press
ISBN 1572318570
Raspberry Pi Pico Essentials
Dogan Ibrahim
2021 Elektor
ISBN 9783895764271
Real-Time Systems, Design Principles for Distributed Embedded Applications
Hermann Kopetz
1997 Kluwer Academic Publishers
ISBN 0792398947
Real-Time UML
Bruce P. Douglas
1998 Addison Wesley
ISBN 0201325799
Real-Time UML, Second Edition
Bruce P. Douglas
2000 Addison Wesley
ISBN 0201657848
Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration, 2nd Edition
Terry Collings
2004 Wiley Publishing
ISBN 0764544985
Safer C, Developing for High-Integrity and Safety-Critical Systems
Les Hatton
1995 McGraw-Hill
ISBN 0077076400
Spectrum Micro Drive Book
Ian Logan
1983 Melbourne House
ISBN 0861611276
Spectrum Shadow ROM Disassembly
Gianhuca Carri
1985 Melbourne House
ISBN 0861611918
TCP/IP Sockets in C, Practical Guide for Programmers
Michael J. Donahoo
2001 Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN 1558608265
TCP/IP Sockets in Java, Practical Guide for Programmers
Kenneth L. Calvert
2002 Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN 1558606858
Teach yourself PERL in 21 days
David Till
1995 SAMS
ISBN 0672305860
The Annotated C++ Reference Manual
Margaret Ellis
1991 Addison-Wesley
ISBN 0201514591
The C Programming Language
Brian W. Kernighan
1988 Prentice Hall
ISBN 0131103628
The C++ Programming Language, 2nd Edition
Bjarne Stroustrup
1993 Addison-Wesley
ISBN 0201539926
The Complete Spectrum ROM Disassembly
Ian Logan
1983 Melbourne House
ISBN 0861611160
The MFC Answer Book
Eugene Kain
1998 Addison & Wesley
ISBN 0201185377
The Unified Modeling Language User Guide
Grady Booch
1999 Addison Wesley
ISBN 0201571684
Using Visual C++
Namir Shammas
1994 Que
ISBN 1565296265
Visual C++ How-to
Scott Stanfield
1995 The Waite Group
ISBN 1878739824
The Windows NT Device Driver Book
Art Baker
1997 Prentice Hall
ISBN 0131844741
UML Distilled, Applying the standard object modeling language
Martin Fowler
1997 Addison Wesley
ISBN 0201325632
Windows CE 2 Programming for Dummies
Nick Grattan
1998 IDGBooks
ISBN 0764503049
Windows CE Developer's Handbook
Terene A. Goggin
1999 Sybex
ISBN 0782124143
Windows CE From the Ground Up
Jean Louis Gareau
1999 Annabooks
ISBN 0929392655
Writing Windows VxDs and Device Drivers, 2nd edition
Karen Hazzah
1997 R&D Books
ISBN 0879304383
Writing Windows WDM Device Drivers
Chris Cant
1999 R&D Books
ISBN 0879305657
Zakboekje voor de ZX Spectrum
Wessel Akkermans
1984 Kluwer Technische Boeken
ISBN 9020117068
ZX Spectrum
Albert Sickler
1983 Kluwer Technische Boeken
ISBN 9020116347

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