Books on mountaineering stories

A Life on the Edge, Memoirs of Everest and beyond
Jim Whittaker
1999 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898865409
A Slender Thread: Escaping Disaster in the Himalaya
Stephen Venables
2000 Thunder's Mouth Press
ISBN 1560252987
Above the Clouds: The diaries of a high-altitude mountaineer
Anatoli Boukreev
2001 St. Martin's Press
ISBN 0312269706
Ada Blackjack; A true story of survival in the Arctic
Jennifer Niven
2003 Hachette Books
ISBN 9780786887460
Addicted to danger
Jim Wickwire
1998 Pocket Books
ISBN 0671019910
Against the ice
Ejnar Mikkelsen
2022 Steerforth Press
ISBN 9781586423346
Against the Wall
Simon Yates
1998 Vintage
ISBN 0099766418
All fourteen 8,000 ers
Reinhold Messner
1999 The Mountaineers
ISBN 089886660X
Alone on the wall
Alex Honnold
2018 W.W. Norton
ISBN 9780393356144
Annapurna, 50 Years of Expeditions in the Death Zone
Reinhold Messner
2000 The Mountaineers
ISBN 089886738X
Annapurna, First Conquest of an 8000-Meter Peak
Maurice Herzog
1997 The Lyons Press
ISBN 1558215492
Antartica: Both Heaven and Hell
Reinhold Messner
1991 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898863058
Arctica, Mijn biografie van de Noordpool
Bernice Notenboom
2018 Prometheus
ISBN 9789044635713
Back To The Wild
Mary Ellen Barnes
2011 Twin Star Press
ISBN 9780983395508
Beyond the mountain
Steve House
2010 Vertebrate Publishing
ISBN 9781906148201
Boundless Horizons: The Autobiography of Chris Bonington
Chris Bonington
2000 The Mountaineers
ISBN 089886755X
Brotherhood of the Rope, The Biography of Charles Houston
Bernadette McDonald
2007 The Mountaineers
ISBN 9781594850677
Chamlang, De eerste Nederlandse vrouwenexpeditie
Myra de Rooy
2017 Dato
ISBN 9789462262225
Climbing Everest: The Complete Writings of George Leigh Mallory
George Mallory
2012 Gibson Square Books
ISBN 9781908096340
Conquistadors of the Useless
Lionel Terray
2001 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898867789
Conquistadors of the Useless
Lionel Terray
2008 Mountaineers Books
ISBN 9781594851117
Crossing Denali: An Ordinary Man's Adventure Atop North America
Mike Fenner
2016 The Mountaineers
ISBN 9781594859915
Dagboek Amerika, 6231 kilometer fietsen van de Pacific naar de Atlantic
Frans Bevers
2015 Dato
ISBN 9789462261341
Dark Shadows Falling
Joe Simpson
1997 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898865492
De acht bergen
Paolo Cognetti
2017 De Bezige Bij
ISBN 9789023466413
De buitenjongen
Paolo Cognetti
2018 De Bezige Bij
ISBN 9789403122304
De laatste wildernis
Robert Macfarlane
2008 De Bezige Bij
ISBN 9789023427889
De oude wegen
Robert Macfarlane
202 Althenaeum
ISBN 9789025315931
Dwars door Groenland
Ronald Naar
1998 Rainbow Pocketboeken
ISBN 904170244X
Dwars door Groenland; Duizend kilometer ijs en eenzaamheid
Ronald Naar
1998 Bosch & Keuning
ISBN 9024604001
Eiger Dreams : Ventures Among Men and Mountains
Jon Krakauer
1990 Anchor Books
ISBN 0385488181
Enduring Patagonia
Gregory Crouch
2001 Random House
ISBN 0375504346
Erebus, The Story of a Ship
Michael Palin
2019 Arrow Books
ISBN 9781784758578
Escape from Luciana; an epic story of survival
David Roberts
2007 Simon & Schuster
ISBN 9781416567677
Niko Tinbergen
2017 Van Oorschot
ISBN 9789028261976
Everest : A Mountaineering History
Walt Unsworth
2000 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898866707
Everest: Alone at the Summit
Stephen Venables
2000 Thunder's Mouth Press
ISBN 1560252898
Everest, Mountain Without Mercy
Broughton Coburn
1997 National Geographic
ISBN 0792270142
Everest: Expedition to the Ultimate
Reinhold Messner
1999 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898866480
Everest: The Unclimbed Ridge
Chris Bonington
2002 Thunder's Mouth Press
ISBN 1560253908
Everest: The West Ridge
1998 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898866162
Fearless on Everest: The Quest for Sandy Irvine
Julie Summers
2000 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898867967
Facing The Extreme
Ruth Anne Kocour
1998 St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN 0312969856
Fatal Mountaineer, The High-Altitude Life and Death of Willi Unsoeld, American Himalayan Legend
Robert Roper
2002 St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN 0312302665
Five miles high
Charles Houston
2000 The Lyons Press
ISBN 1585740519
Free Spirit: A Climber's Life
Reinhold Messner
1999 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898865735
Ghosts of Everest : The search for Mallory & Irvine
Jochen Hemmleb
1999 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898866995
Heroic Climbs : A Celebration of World Mountaineering
Chris Bonington
1994 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898864968
Het geluid van zwaartekracht
Joe Simpson
2011 Nijgh & Van Ditmar
ISBN 9789038894447
Het geluk van de wolf
Paolo Cognetti
2021 De Bezige Bij
ISBN 9789403149011
High Exposure: An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places
David Breashears
2000 Touchstone
ISBN 0684865459
Bart Vos
2000 Nijgh & Van Ditmar
ISBN 9038874553
Himalayan Climber: A Lifetime's Quest to the World's Greater Ranges
Doug Scott
1992 Sierra Club Books
ISBN 087156954X
Hoog Spel
Katja Staartjes
1999 Podium
ISBN 9057591839
In Patagonia
Bruce Chatwin
2005 Vintage
ISBN 0099769514
Into The Wild
Jon Krakauer
1996 Anchor Books
ISBN 0385486804
Into Thin Air, A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster
Jon Krakauer
1997 Anchor Books
ISBN 0385492081
K2: One woman's quest for the summit
Heidi Howkins
2001 National Geographic
ISBN 079226424X
K2, Triumph and Tragedy
Jim Curran
1987 Houghton Mifflin
ISBN 0395485908
K2, The 1939 Tragedy
Kauffman & Putnam
1998 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898863732
Keerpunt Alaska
Jolanda Linschooten
2006 Hollandia
ISBN 9064104433
Kiss or Kill: confessions of a serial climber
Mark Twight
2001 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898868874
Last Climb : The Legendary Everest Expeditions of George Mallory
David Breashears
1999 National Geographic
ISBN 0792275381
Learning to breathe
Andy Cave
2005 Arrow Books
ISBN 009947266X
Left for Dead: My Journey Home from Everest
Beck Weathers
2000 Villard
ISBN 0375504044
Liefde in de wildernis
Miriam Lancewood
2021 De Dwarsligger
ISBN 9789049808396
Lopen Over De Grens, Great Himalaya Trail door Nepal
Katja Staartjes
2014 Lecturis
ISBN 9789462260283
Lost Horizon
James Hilton
1960 Pocket Books
ISBN 0671664271
Lou Whittaker: memoirs of a mountain guide
Lou Whittaker
1994 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898864593
Miracle In The Andes, 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home
Nando Parrado
2006 Crown Publishers
ISBN 1400097673
Mixed Emotions : Mountaineering Writings of Greg Child
Greg Child
1993 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898863635
Mountain Solitudes, Solo journeys in the Southern Alps of New Zealand
Aat Vervoorn
2000 Craig Potton
ISBN 0908802641
Mountaineer: Thirty Years of Climbing on the World's Great Peaks
Chris Bonington
1996 Sierra Club Books
ISBN 0871569051
Mountains of the World
John Cleare
1997 Thunder Bay Press
ISBN 1571450807
My Quest for the Yeti
Reinhold Messner
2000 St. Martin's Press
ISBN 0312203942
My Vertical World
Jerzy Kukuczka
1992 Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN 0340534850
Mystery on Everest: A Photobiography Of George Mallory
Audrey Salkeld
2000 National Geographic Society
ISBN 0792272226
Nanda Devi : the tragic expedition
John Roskelley
2000 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898867398
Nanga Parbat Pilgrimage
Herman Buhl
1998 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898866103
Niet alleen
Tim Voors
2021 Fontaine Uitgevers
ISBN 9789464040647
Tim Voors
2022 Fontaine Uitgevers
ISBN 9789464042108
North to the Night: A Spiritual Odyssey in the Arctic
Alva Simon
1999 Broadway Books
ISBN 9780767904469
Norton of Everest
Hugh Norton
2017 Vertebrate Publishing
ISBN 9781910240922
On Belay!: the life of legendary mountaineer Paul Petzoldt
Raye Ringholz
1997 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898865581
Op zoek naar evenwicht
Ronald Naar
1997 Bosch & Keuning
ISBN 9024603773
Over The Edge: The True Story of Four American Climbers' Kidnap and Escape in the Mountains of Central Asia
Greg Child
2002 Villard
ISBN 0375506098
Postcards from the ledge, Collected Mountaineering Writings of Greg Child
Greg Child
1998 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898865840
Return to Tibet
Heinrich Harrer
1998 Tarcher Putnam
ISBN 0874779251
Royal Robbins: To Be Brave - My Life, Volume 1
Royal Robbins
2009 Pink Moment Press
ISBN 9780982500019
Royal Robbins: Fail Falling - My Life, Volume 2
Royal Robbins
2010 Pink Moment Press
ISBN 9780982500026
Run or die
Kilian Jornet
2014 Viking
ISBN 9780241004852
Scotts laatste expeditie
Robert Scott
2001 Hollandia
ISBN 9064103615
Seven Summits
Dick Bass
1986 Warner Books
ISBN 0446385166
Seven Years in Tibet
Heinrich Harrer
1996 Tarcher Putnam
ISBN 0874778883
Shadows on the Koyukuk: An Alaskan Native's Life Alonf The River
Sidney Huntington
2012 Pictorial Histories
ISBN 9781575101538
Shisha Pangma, The alpine-style first ascent of the South-West Face
Doug Scott
2000 The Mountaineers ISBN 0898867231
Starlight and Storm
Gaston Rebuffat
1999 Modern Library
ISBN 0375755063
Storms of Silence
Joe Simpson
1996 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898865123
Structured Chaos
Victor Saunders
2021 Vertebrate Publishing
ISBN 9781913560660
Ernest Shackleton
2002 Penguin Classics
ISBN 014118714X
Te Araroa, 3.000 kilometer te voet door Nieuw-Zeeland
Jasper van Riet Paap
2019 De Lange Koe
ISBN 9789082738360
Bernice Notenboom
2010 De Bezige Bij
ISBN 9789023457930
Tents in the Clouds; The First Women's Himalayan Expedition
Monica Jackson
2000 Seal Press
ISBN 1580050336
The Ascent of Everest
John Hunt
1998 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898863619
The Beckoning Silence
Joe Simpson
2002 Jonathan Cape
ISBN 0224061801
The Boardman Tasker Omnibus
Peter Boardman
1996 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898864364
The Boys of Everest: Chris Bonington and the Tragedy of Climbing's Greatest Generation
Clint Willis
2006 Carroll & Graf
ISBN 0786715790
The Climb, Tragic Ambitions on Everest
Anatoli Boukreev
1997 St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN 0312965338
The Crystal Horizon : Everest The First Solo Ascent
Reinhold Messner
1989 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898865743
The Eight Wilderness Discovery Books
John Muir
1992 The Mountaineers
ISBN 9780898863352
The Epic of Mount Everest
Francis Younghusband
2002 Pilgrims Publishing
ISBN 8177691740
The First Crossing of Greenland
Fridtjof Nansen
2002 Birlinn
ISBN 1841582166
The Flame of Adventure
Simon Yates
2002 Vintage
ISBN 0099283867
The Great Alone, Walking the Pacific Crest Trail
Tim Voors
2019 Gestalten Verlag
ISBN 9783899559774
The Kurt Diemberger Omnibus
Kurt Diemberger
1999 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898866065
The Last of His Kind: The Life and Adventures of Bradford Washburn, America's Boldest Mountaineer
David Roberts
2010 Harper
ISBN 9780061560958
The Mountains of My Life
Walter Bonatti
2001 Modern Library
ISBN 037575640X
The Mystery of Mallory & Irvine
Tom Holzel
1999 The Mountaineers
ISBN 9780898867268
The Naked Mountain
Reinhold Messner
2003 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898869595
The Other Side of Everest : Climbing the North Face Through the Killer Storm
Matt Dickinson
1999 Three Rivers Press
ISBN 0812933400
The Push: A Climber's Journey of Endurance, Risk, and Going Beyond Limits
Tommy Caldwell
2017 Viking
ISBN 9780718183400
The Seven Mountain-Travel Books
H.W. Tilman
1997 The Mountaineers
ISBN 090637121X
The Six Alpine/Himalayan Climbing Books
Frank Smythe
2000 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898867401
The Six Mountain-Travel Books
Eric Shipton
1999 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898865395
The Snow Leopard
Peter Matthiessen
1996 The Harvill Press
ISBN 1860461530
The Sledge Patrol, A WWII Epic Of Escape, Survival, And Victory
David Howarth
2018 Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN 9781493032938
The White Spider, The Classic Account of the Ascent of the Eiger
Heinrich Harrer
1998 Tarcher Putnam
ISBN 0874779405
The Wildest Dream: The Biography of George Mallory
Peter Gillman
2001 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898867517
Thin Air : Encounters in the Himalayas
Greg Child
1999 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898865883
This Game of Ghosts
Joe Simpson
1993 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898864607
Tibet's Secret Mountain : The Triumph of Sepu Kangri
Chris Bonington
1999 Weidenfeld & Nicolson
ISBN 0297819844
To The Summit, Fifty Mountains That Lure, Inspire and Challenge
Joseph Poindexter
1999 Koneman
ISBN 3829039654
To the Top of the World: Alpine Challenges in the Himalaya
Reinhold Messner
1999 The Mountaineers
ISBN 0898866774
Toughing the Void
Joe Simpson
1989 Harper Perennial
ISBN 0060916540
Ueli Steck : my life in climbing
Ueli Steck
2018 The Mountaineers
ISBN 9781680511321
Ultimate High: My Everest Odyssey
Goran Kropp
1999 Discovery Books
ISBN 156331830X
Vermist op de Mount Everest, De zoektocht naar George Mallory
Conrad Anker
2001 Prometheus
ISBN 9053339655
View from the Summit
Edmund Hillary
1999 Pocket Books
ISBN 0743400674
Witte Eskimo, de onverschrokken reis van Knud Rasmussen naar het hart van de Noordpool
Stephen Bown
2017 Donker BV
ISBN 9789061007173
World Mountaineering : The World's Great Mountains by the World's Great Mountaineers
Audrey Salkeld
1998 Bulfinch
ISBN 0821225022
Zonder de top te bereiken
Paolo Cognetti
2020 De Bezige Bij
ISBN 9789403181806

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