Family tree Nelisse

The complete Nelisse family tree is available from here. It currently contains births till 1921, marriages till 1946 and deaths till 1971.

The origin of the family Nelisse dates back till the 17th century and comes from the southwestern part of the Netherlands. The name 'Nelisse' is still mainly used in the southwestern part of the Netherlands, while the name 'Nelissen' is more used in the southeastern part of the Netherlands (as can be seen in this spreading table). In 1873/1875 parts of the family Nelisse also moved to the United States of America, where they at first settled in Cleveland, Ohio and later on moved to different cities in the country. Some of these descendants changed their name into 'Nelson'.

The information used to make this family tree comes from different sources:

Many thanks to Rodney Dillon for providing the initial starting information of this family tree, all people providing updates and corrections and especially my father for verifying all information and putting all the pieces together.

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