United States of America

Merinus Nelisse (1827-1901) and his family emigrated to the United States of America. They sailed from Rotterdam April 14, 1875 on the ship SS Rotterdam, and arrived in New York City on May 6. The family lived for two years in Cleveland, Ohio, before moving to Chagrin Falls, a small town about 20 miles southeast of Cleveland. His brother Gerard Nelisse had already preceded them to the U.S., arriving in 1873.

Hotel New York in Rotterdam

SS Rotterdam

Nelisse Family, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, about 1883.
Left to right: John (Jan), Merinus, Johanna, Johanna, Marinus, James (Jacobus),
Bert (Gerardus), Tone (Anthonij), Jenni (Jannetje), Lena (Dingena)

Marinus Nelisse & Johanna (Snoek) Nelisse.

Marinus & Johanna Nelisse, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, about 1900.

Nelisse brothers, about 1918.
Left to Right: Merinus, John (Jan), Bert (Gerardus),Tone (Anthonij)

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